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The Vast Reaches

Partly Cloudy Skies

Partly Cloudy Skies

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Enveloping our entire Milky Way, are giant clouds of gas and dust (the extent of which has only been known to astronomy for a few decades).   They are known as the Galactic Cirrus or IFN (Integrated Flux Nebula).   These cloud structures are extraordinarily faint, glowing with only the reflection of the combined starlight from our galaxy within.

Because they are hard to see, to photograph them we need one of two things, extraordinarily dark skies or extraordinarily long exposures.   If you have a little of both, they pop out clear as can be!

My picture here was captured in a single night of shooting under some pristine skies.

As a bonus to this photograph, the background galaxies really shine, and the M81/82 group may just steal the show.   Hope you enjoy!


Photograph printed edge-to-edge on premium, and uniquely radiant, Fuji Pearl paper.

"Print only" options are sized to commonly available matting dimensions so you can shop for your own personalized frame to match your decorating needs.

Please note: The full resolution image supports printing the largest size in a high quality of over 200 pixels-per-inch! Product sample images are lower-resolution copies.

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