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Jason Guenzel and Douglas J Struble

IC3568 - The Lemon Slice

IC3568 - The Lemon Slice

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We are excited to introduce IC 3568, The Lemon Slice Nebula.   This collaborative project was born from the minds of two obsessive and perhaps overly-stubborn astrophotographers, Jason Guenzel and Douglas J Struble.  This planetary nebula is exceedingly small when viewed from Earth.  The bright inner core measures just 6 arc-seconds, placing it somewhere around the apparent size of Mercury in the sky.  Put another way ... it's a bit like photographing an actual lemon slice from a distance of 1 mile (1.6 km)!

We pushed our techniques (and sanity) into new territory in an attempt to reveal the tiniest of details from our collective dataset. The results simply would not have been possible without our combined and experimental efforts in capture and processing.  The image displayed here was fully deconstructed into constituent parts and then reassembled into a view that encapsulates an incredible dynamic range, providing a look deep into this planetary nebula while also revealing its place within the cosmic starscape.  

From the intricate core details to faint galaxy fields that are billions of light years distant, we hope you enjoy this expansive view across time and space. 


Photograph printed on premium, and uniquely radiant, Fuji Pearl paper.   Each photo has an unprinted white border (1 inch maximum) for handling and appearance when framed. 

The prints come in standard A-paper sizes which can be matted to fit commonly available frames.

If the optional custom frame is selected, the photo will arrive mounted in a black wood frame and ready to hang.  Supplied hardware allows the photo to be displayed in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Please note:  The full-resolution digital image supports printing the largest size at over 200 pixels-per-inch with pristine image quality!   

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