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The Vast Reaches

Goddess of the Rings

Goddess of the Rings

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A culmination of years of planetary photography work, this is my absolute finest example of the jewel of our solar system.  Here we see a view of Saturn from August 18, 2022, just days after our closest approach for the year.  Planets are incredibly tiny as viewed from Earth, so capturing them in detail is a lesson in patience and perseverance.

I developed my own techniques for ring enhancements and applied them to create this beautiful portrait.  I was able to present it in a resolution far beyond any of my previous work.   The story of this final image is very complex and has become a point of controversy because of that.  In full transparency: it has been heavily enhanced and post-processed using the photos I captured in this session ... to create a view beyond what my telescope could otherwise provide!  

I hope you enjoy the beautiful look!


Photograph printed edge-to-edge on premium, and uniquely radiant, Fuji Pearl paper.

"Print only" options are sized to commonly available matting dimensions so you can shop for your own personalized frame to match your decorating needs.

Please note: The full resolution image supports printing the largest size in a high quality of over 200 pixels-per-inch! Product sample images are lower-resolution copies.

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