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Jason Guenzel



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"Excitation" is a postcard from my wildest night under the stars.

This is a view straight up from my backyard.   It shows the phenomenon of the Corona Aroura, where the aurora is positioned directly overhead.   We are looking up through the rays created by the solar wind exciting our upper atmosphere.   I would have never thought I would have the opportunity to see this from middle latitudes, but here we are!

Excitation ... indeed. 


Photograph printed edge-to-edge on premium, and uniquely radiant, Fuji Pearl paper.   

The print-only options are available in A-paper sizes but can be matched to commonly available matting dimensions so you can shop for your own personalized frame to match your decorating needs.   

Framed prints come in the same sizing, but ready to hang in a black wood frame and white photo mat.  The framing and matting results in a slightly smaller printed area with 1-1.5 inch borders on the surround.   

Please note:  The full-resolution photograph supports printing the largest size at over 200 pixels-per-inch with pristine image quality!   The product sample photos are lower-resolution, web-quality copies.

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