Totality - The 2017 Great American Eclipse

Totality - the 2017 Great American Eclipse showing the solar corona extending away from the concealed Sun.



As I share this on April 8, 2022, we are exactly two years from the next total solar eclipse that will cross the United States in 2024. I was there to enjoy the last one almost 5 years ago. Thinking about this surreal day got me interested in revisiting my image of totality, when the Sun is blotted out my the Moon and the solar corona can be seen visually with the naked eye.
So, here is my respin with years more editing experience under my belt. There is a mathematical and scientific way to handle the processing, and then there is a fun way. Even though I’m an engineer, I’m more of a fun-loving kind of guy … honestly. This rendition plays off my recollection or what looked like a hole punched in the sky.
Enjoy a perfect alignment of our celestial neighbors and my camera! See you in two years.
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Canon 6D
Celestron AVX
Sigma 150-600 C at f/8 600mm
HDR blend

Equipment Details:
Imaging Lens Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary at f/8, 600mm
Imaging Camera Canon EOS 6D
Mount Celestron AVX



Adobe Photoshop

Exposure details

HDR Blend of exposures

Date 21-AUG-2017

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