The Dark Shark and Friends

dark shark nebula friends


This nebula complex sits deep in the constellation Cepheus.  An interesting area to photograph at longer focal lengths, it takes on a whole new look as we zoom out and see the collection of objects in relation to one another.   

Some views of note:

  •  SNR 110.3+11.3
    The long red hydrogen alpha filaments of this supernova remnant appear to intertwine through the background on the left side of the image.
  • Barnard 175 / vdB 152
    A long pillar of dark dust, a Bok Globule, terminates in a brilliant sapphire reflection nebula, known as Cederblad 201.  Appears in front of SNR 110.3+11.3 on the left.
  • LDN 1235
    The Dark Shark Nebula stands vertically up out of the center bottom of this image.  This pillar of dust has an uncanny resemblance to a shark's silhouette, complete with mouth, eye, dorsal and pectoral fins.
  • LDN1251
    Extending up on the right side of the image, I've seen this one called many different things.   I don't really see a recognizable form here, but it is simply a beautiful wispy collection of interstellar dust.

Equipment Details:

Imaging Telescope TPO Ultrawide 180 f/4.5
Imaging Camera ZWO ASI2600MM Pro
Mount Celestron AVX
Guiding Telescope Orion 60mm Guidescope
Guiding Accessory Orion side-by-side dovetail plate
Guiding Camera ASI224MC
Focal Reducer none

Astronomik L-3 UV-IR cut
Astronomik Deep Sky RGB
Radian Triad Ultra

Focuser Homebuilt ASCOM Belt Drive Stepper

Sequence Generator Pro
RC-Astro StarXterminator / NoiseXterminator
Adobe Photoshop

Exposure Detail

Luminance - 498 min
Red - 84 min
Green - 82 min
Blue - 82 min
Triad - 944 min

Total Exposure Time:
28 hr 10 min


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