The King

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Jupiter … in all its glory. Shot last week under good conditions, this season I seem to be able to keep besting myself by some careful tweaking of the planetary telescope.
As an astrophotographer, I’m always chasing the Great Red Spot, but the other side is pretty magnificent also … I was able to get into some detail on the cloud bands. It’s hard to imagine I can do much better with my gear and location!

Equipment Details:
Imaging Telescope TPO 12” f/4 Imaging Newtonian
Imaging Camera ASI183MM Pro
Mount Sky-watcher EQ6-R Pro
Focal Extender Televue 5x Powermate

Astronomik Deep Sky RGB

Focuser Stock with homebuilt motorized stepper control

Adobe Photoshop

Exposure details

Red - 4 x 5,000 frames
Green - 5,000 frames
Blue - 5,000 frames
Best 50% stacked

Date 30-SEP-2022