IC342 - The Hidden Galaxy

IC342 Hidden Galaxy as seen through the dust and stars of the Milky Way



This is IC342, known as the Hidden Galaxy. It is a striking face-on spiral galaxy seen behind a veil of Milky Way stars and dust. Though it is very faint as a result, the long exposure makes for a rather dramatic view with an exquisitely juicy star field. It helps that the Hidden Galaxy is one of the closest and largest apparent galaxies we can observe from our Earth, an intermediate spiral with wonderfully intricate details.
I personally love this one … and I hope you agree!


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Equipment Details:

Imaging Telescope Celestron EdgeHD 8"
Imaging Camera ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool
Mount Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
Guiding Telescope Celestron EdgeHD 8"
Guiding Accessory Orion Thin Off-axis Guider
Guiding Camera ASI120MM
Focal Reducer Celestron 0.7x Focal Reducer

Astronomik L-3 UV/IR Cut
Astronomik Deep Sky RGB
Astronomik 6nm Ha

Focuser Moonlite CHL 2.5" Large Format Crayford Edge Focuser

Sequence Generator Pro
Adobe Photoshop

Exposure details


Ha:         158x240s (632min)
Lum:       750x90s (1125min)
Red:        65x120s (130min) 
Green:    65x120s (130min) 
Blue:       65x120s (130min) 

35.8 hours total



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